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Let my award-winning visuals help communicate your science


Visually stunning illustrations that tell your story accurately and effectively, and are targeted to your audience.


Modern and intelligent design for your layouts, logos, posters, and infographics.


Beautiful and creative digital 3D models with accurate structure, lighting, shading and texturing


Engaging 2D and 3D animations tailored in design, style and complexity for powerful and successful storytelling.

No one needs to go anywhere else. Her generous and thriving ambitious attitude initiated a wonderful working relationship.

Natasha Lowe
Graduate and Life Sciences Education 
University of Toronto


She grasped complex surgical techniques rapidly, came to our meeting extremely well prepared, and was very time efficient and 100% reliable with our tight deadlines. 

Dr. Maral Ouzounian

Cardiac and aortic surgeon
Peter Munk Cardiac Centre


Extremely professional, receptive to feedback/input, and met deadlines in an efficient manner...we were extremely satisfied with her high quality product. 

Dr. Eliane Shore
Minimally invasive gynecology

St. Michael's Hospital




Award of Excellence

"Photoswitchable Proteins" 


Award of Excellence

"Tomorrow's Perfect Humans"


Orville Parks Best in Show

"Tomorrow's Perfect Humans"



Master's Research Project in Biomedical Communications

Visualizing novel HIV vaccine research and development 

In collaboration with the Treanor Lab (Department of Immunology, University of Toronto) and the Julien Lab (SickKids Research Institute)

For detailed description and process work, click below



Lisa Qiu, MScBMC

Lisa Qiu is a medical illustrator and animator who is a graduate of the Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto.  She comes from a rich science background with an H.B.Sc also from the University of Toronto, specializing in Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology. Her love of science and an extensive art education at the Academy of Realist Art, led her to pursue medical illustration as a passion and a career. She aims to utilize visual strategies to communicate scientific information and solve problems, with a strong interest in using beautiful cinematic animations to help tell complex stories.




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